Maintaining a work-life balance is something we’re all dreadful to achieve.

We, as Filipinas, want to be near home as much as possible. May it be for our family, kids, boyfriends/husbands… perhaps, just to stay chill and still have a social life.

We yearn for it!

We always look forward to our end of shift. We use our breaks and maximize them to ensure we are “destressing” and “detoxing” from everyday stress. We eat, and then we work, and then go home, and then repeat again— that’s basically the routine we can never escape from unless we do something about it. You can read more about some side hustles to eventually break-free from our 9-5 here.

Despite not knowing if freedom can still be possible with all the big pile of papers to shred and/or “To-do lists” to finish that needs to get done before EOD, here are top 7 things to consider for a manageable work-life balance:

1. Clock In and Out on Time

It sounds weird saying this, but when you really value your personal life outside work, clocking in and out on time is a mandatory thing to do.

Not only will it make your employers happy because it helps them save time and money, it will also allow us to be there on important moments and events, and be with people we miss because of our 8 hours shift (minus lunch break, which makes it 9).

This will also compromise your integrity less (since you don’t have to defend why you went overtime/undertime without ‘officially filing’ it on your clock time), and make room for more opportunities to do what we want outside the office.

2. Do Your Job Description ONLY

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to do an extra mile at work. But you also have to make sure your physical and mental health are doing okay too.

While there are some inevitable ‘crabs’ in the workplace who might consider your extra-mile as ‘something else,’ not sticking to your job description upon job order will also exhaust you physically and mentally. Although it’s good to learn new skills— actually, better, you should know the difference between doing ‘extra-mile’ and ‘doing someone else’s work.’

When your boss is making you do their job rather than sticking to what you’re paid for, don’t you think it’s best to ask for a raise and/promotion? If they don’t agree to that, what does that make you?

You’re not a robot nor a slave. Do what you’re only paid to do.

3. Break-free From Your Routine

Breaking free from a routine is like breaking the rules of an intermittent fasting and low carb diet— you’d want to do it dirty sometimes. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be a rebel of your own time.

Breaking a routine doesn’t have to involve ‘breaking the rules’ or doing something literally ‘dirty’ to officially break a cycle. You just need a hobby.

By doing this, you literally feed your soul of what you’re passionate about (but can’t do due to the demands of work). Whether it’s writing music or going to the gym, it’s actually beneficial and good for your soul to do ANYTHING that does not revolve work. It won’t just save your mental health from declining, you are also allowing yourself to do the things you love you used to do while maintaining a good job.

Meanwhile, if you think you have no talent, you may at least try some new things for enjoyment. Who knows, you might feel excited about your routine now because you actually have something to get busy about?

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4. Hangout With Your Work Buddies

Although there are quite a number of workmates being toxic and stressful around us, there are still work people we can count on during the times of hunger and distress!

These people are what we call our work buddies— the colleagues we can actually relate to, do vices with (e.g. smoke, drink, etc.), and colleagues we always hang out with when we’re hungry or want to buy food. Sometimes, the colleagues we playfully flirt with! It doesn’t hurt according to one study.

And while it’s better to not trust people at work and keeping it slightly private, hanging out with them during your 8-9 hours wouldn’t hurt. After all, you are going to be with them more than the people outside of work.


5. Participate in Company Engagement Activities

Company engagement activities are there for a reason. Most of the time, it’s what the Human Resources Department organize to keep its employees happy, active, and motivated.

According to Engagement Multiplier, “Research by Glassdoor in 2016 reported that 53% of employees are confident that if they quit or lost their current job, they would be able to find a comparable position within six months. To us, this trend indicates one thing: If you don’t give employees a compelling reason to stay, they’ll find another job that does.”

Company engagement activities are what make most employees stay: when they feel like work is not being asphyxiating and bosses are not suffocating them with daily workloads, pressure, and expectations. This is the reason why most big companies have a variety of organizations and clubs to join in (like dance club, chorale, mountaineering, etc.), and why there are summer outings, company parties, and mini-gatherings for everyone. There also some companies who dedicate a department solely based on work-life balance. You can read here why attending company parties can be vital for your career.

Participating in these types of activities will not only allow you to be friends with your colleagues, it also falls under company participation that might actually merit bonus points! After all, nothing can hurt if you spend one Saturday night partying on the dancefloor with your work-buddies.

6. Make Your Weekend Productive

When you’re already regularized from work, and gained credits for your Vacation Leaves, make sure you use them wisely.

Travel as much as you can. It doesn’t hurt using your Weekend and/or Vacation leaves to at least get some time off. You can read this to know the best places to travel around the Philippines with a tight budget.

Not only will you relieve your soul from ‘dying’ due to daily stress, you will also get experiences and memories you can take with you for the rest of your life (especially before settling down, if you’re single)!

7. Or, Stay at Home and Find Your Comfort

Nothing beats relaxation than staying home on your pajamas and a bucket of ice cream while binge-watching Money Heist on Netflix!

It may actually sound overrated, but staying at home and resting after 5 days of work week is better than all of these activities combined. Just make sure you know what’s comfortable for you and what suits you best!

…because honestly if you ask me, staying at home is the best kind of hobby, rest, and relaxation there can ever be invented! Nothing beats laying down, sleeping, eating, and binge-watching your favorite series while preparing for another work week ahead.

What about you? What do you consider doing for a manageable work-life balance? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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