We all know Astrology as the ‘zodiac signs’ we’ve all grown up with since birth. Exaggeration-aside, most of us know that Astrology is ‘just that’— zodiac signs.

In real Astrology, or should I say, in a deeper context, Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. And it doesn’t just stop on the interpretation of the zodiac which you are born with. It also consists of explanations of many aspects and planetary placements you are born with, one in which contains the Medium Coeli (meaning “middle of the sky) or ‘Midheaven’ — the angle that indicates career, status and aim in life, aspirations, public reputation, and our life goal.

It is located on the entrance of the 10th house of career, ruled by the hardworking zodiac, Capricorn, and Saturn—the planet of restrictions, discipline, and limitations.

Although getting a full reading to find out how you’re going to excel and what profession you can take to succeed best at, knowing where it is posited and positioned is also as equally as important either. This is how you know your behavior career-wise.

You can check where your Midheaven is here by putting in your birthday, accurate birth time, and birth place.

  1. Click the link going to astro.com.
  2. Click “Free horoscopes.”
  3. Scroll down and click “Natal chart, ascendant.”
  4. For guest users, click the link provided to go to the data entry page.
  5. Enter your details then click continue.

Your Midheaven sign is labeled “MC.”

Here are the 12 Midheaven zodiac signs to help you discover the potential career that might suit you in the real world


Having the Midheaven in Aries means you are going to be full of energy. You are very good at finding creative solutions to every problem at difficult situations, and want challenge, action, and opportunity to lead in a career. You can be shy but when you shine, you come alive. You are in the middle of being compassionate-receptive to productive-assertive. However, you can be impulsive and may jump into something without thinking through it first. Considerable careers for people with Midheaven in Aries are detectives, journalists, fitness instructors, and athletes.


Midheaven in Taurus requires stability and security in her career. You are persistent, tough, and have a creative potential. You are likely to be in charge, and have the need of earning enough money to supply your needs. You can be very possessive of your position, however, having Venus as your Midheaven’s ruler, you are going to want to create beauty and improve things and objects around you. You are going to be drawn to jobs that revolve around beauty and money—banking, art, music, fashion, architecture, finance, ad so on.


Having your Midheaven in Gemini means wanting to do A LOT— all at the same time! You are the exact definition of Jack-of-all-trades, and you need a variety of freedom of expression and mental challenges on your career. Gemini Midheavens are the types to juggle and do two jobs at the same time, simultaneously. You have a talent of keeping of all details in life, and for you, “Knowledge is, indeed, power.” Possible careers for this placement can revolve around Information Technology, teaching, journalism, public relations, sales and marketing, and advertising.


The Cancer Midheavens are natural caretakers. If you have this, you are going to want a career that allows you to use your intuition and ability to care for others. You understand how to go with the flow, can easily adapt to situations and environment, and are good at making plans. You can make as great chefs, nurses, teachers, historians, and social workers.


Being a Leo Midheaven native means being the leader. You want to be seen, shine, and be the spotlight of everything. You have the tenacity and longevity to attain lofty goals you aim for because you know your persistence pays off. You are born ambitious, competent, and authentic. You understand the big picture as well as its fine details. You have the potential to lead, and are destined for greatness. Leo Midheavens can be very good motivational speakers, actors, organization leaders, businessmen, or politicians. You take pride on how you project yourself and are dignified in any situation.


Virgo Midheavens are analytical and practical. Stability and practicality are their priority. If you have this placement, you are most likely to be very attentive to details. You have a natural critical attitude. Although you tend to play it safe when choosing a career, language is your healing tool. Your good handle on language can either make you in a science or literary arts for a career. You may be drawn to research, medicine, psychology, or human resources.


Harmony and balance is what makes a Libra Midheaven. If you can attain balance, you can attain success. Poised with finesse, diplomacy and charm, you have a talent of presenting yourself professionally. You fight for your passion and art, and you seek justice, fairness, and equality. This placement makes you a good lawyer, judge, diplomat, interior designer, and/or musician.


Scorpio Midheavens know what they want and how to get them. If you have this placement, you are self-motivated and sympathetic. You understand the basic truths of existence, and you have a deeper understanding of the darker side of life. This can make you a good criminal psychologist, detective, stockbroker, and/or therapist.


Being able to travel to new places, explore foreign lands, and experience other culture and way of life— this is what makes a Sagittarius Midheaven shine. And because you want independence, travel, and mental challenges, having a career that involves moving around best suits you. You can make a great pilot, flight attendants, photographers, travel consultants, etc. You also thrive to explore and know people from all walks of life, and can be (surprisingly) philosophical.  


Unlike Leo, having a Capricorn Midheaven actually NEEDS to be the boss. Capricorn Midheavens want to leave their mark in the world, and if you have this placement, you are most likely to be hardworking at everything you do, and can get sh*t done. Goals are very important to you, and you have a strong sense of duty and dedication in you. You are a natural CEO, so careers in business management is best suited for you. You can also make as a great doctor, property owners, financial managers, and brokers. You are most likely to be self-made, and inhabit a position that commands respect among all paths you pursue.


Aquarius Midheavens need a career that allows them to be free, independent, and unconventional. Having this placement also means you love learning, and will study anything and everything that interests you. You are skilled in assessing new ideas and putting them into action, and get high on bringing something new on the table. You love making new discoveries, and anything about the New Age can get your attention. You want a specialized job only YOU can do, hence, you can excel on careers that are drawn in mathematical fields such as Astronomy, Astrology, Engineering, Environmental Science, Film, and/or Humanitarian work.


Creativity, Imagination, and Intuition are the key factors of what a Pisces Midheaven needs in a career. Having this placement, you are susceptible to outside influences, and will usually “wait and see” what happens. You are sensitive to your psychic energies, and understand that everything happens on a continuum. The imaginative Pisces Midheaven can make a good musician, painter, and author. You can also excel on the fields of theatrics, film, literature and healing arts.

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