Studies show that “90% of employees would take a bonus or extra vacation rather than attend their work holiday party.” You may want to change your mind and show up knowing that there are benefits in attending company parties not just in the office but in life.

Splendidly dressed in silver and blues, a lady in her stiletto shoes stepped into the ballroom door as it opens. Gaining the look of admiration from many, she passed right through the crowd gracefully.  Clad in a timeless off the shoulder dress, she looks like an empress who runs the world. A few moments later, she smiled triumphantly as she went down the dolled up center-stage with a trophy in her hand, her very own tangible reminder that she does run the world. Another item on her Bucket List ticked off – Manager of the Year. At last!

Or employee of the year if you’re still on your way up the corporate ladder. Gaining the trust of your bosses and getting the admiration from your peers is indeed empowering and it calls for a party!

Nope. Not anymore when you are no longer that motivated, hopeful, and driven.

The once sixteen years old dreamer who believed that the world is her oyster is now tired, frustrated, and want nothing more than to call it a day!

Ugh-adulting and how the endless opportunities that come your way also known as demanding workloads have successfully turned you into a recluse. Or maybe not. But for reasons we’ll never know, the thought of meeting people and attending social events now makes you cringe and you can’t help it.

But dear, change your mindset. You have so many good reasons to bring that sixteen-year-old girl back. All the more reasons to make her believe AGAIN that the world is and always will be her oyster.

“What do you want to become in the future?” Remember your answer when you were asked what you want to be when you grow up? Remember how you giggled a little when you imagined yourself finally landing your dream job and having a career you can be proud of? And you knew back then that it will come true if you stay focused and ever determined to stick to your goals.

Don’t lose that fire now that you’ve come this far. What you have now did not happen overnight. You didn’t just grasp it in an instant. You worked for it, earned it, and you were driven into it with blood and sweat. Why stop? You know so well that it doesn’t end there. You are growing and still learning, and let up you must not. On the contrary, your every day 9-5 can inspire you to keep that burning ember every year, every day, every hour, and every minute.

You don’t have to attend every office happy hour, but do take advantage of the opportunities that can help you thrive which includes attending company parties.


Attending company parties is a great way for you to catch up with your peers, colleagues, and get to know the management. Social settings, big or small is a nice way to strengthen that two-way relationship between you and the people you work with. You talk to each other every day, yes, at work, but just think of the possible bond that you can build when you share stories and laughter over wine and cheese platters outside the office. Get to know each other well and find your common grounds or shared interest. If you are a manager, company events can greatly benefit your team. Encourage everyone to attend by making them feel that their presence makes the difference. Break the wall between positions and if there are competitions, it should be nothing but healthy. Company parties are important and the well-thought-out ones are sure to have a positive impact on everyone’s career. It’s a great opportunity for you to interact with upper management as well. A relaxing environment takes the pressure away, something that’s not quite possible during manic Mondays. It decreases the sense of awkwardness with each other which is always a good thing if you want to establish camaraderie.

The Extra Mile

Attending company parties can be a real struggle for some and the reasons may vary including social anxiety. Try to look for that kind of person inside your workplace and spend time with them before the event. If you deem it fit, perhaps you can join her for lunch to establish a rapport just before the event. Be a friend and friends look out for each other at parties. 

Breaking Barriers

Company events foster communication. Small talks may not be your thing but, hey, it works. It still works especially if your goal is to take an interest in every person you meet. Break the barrier and appreciate how similar and different people can get. Widen out a little and befriend the sunkissed girl from the finance department. You’ll never know how much you share the same love for the waves until you learn how to open new doors to friendship.

Shared Experience

A company party is a good venue to reward high-performers and exemplary employees. It’s not just the glitz and glam, the music or the booze, but seeing how people in your circle are valued and appreciated. You need to be there and cheer for “Kuya Guard” when he gets to receive his loyalty award or when your bestie from the 9th floor gets to bring home her new flat-screen television. Being able to witness those winning moments is sweet and empowering to you and your friends.

Sparks and Creativity

Conducting events can bring out the inner geek, nerd, or artist in you. Collaborations also become easier when you are outside of your normal surroundings and everyone gets to see stuff from a different point of view. Dealing with each other outside of work can help enhance your strategic skills and bring out your hidden gift not just in the office but in life.

Have some fun!

Team events can help reduce stress because it can break the boredom of work and rejuvenate you. Use this time to relax, destress, and just have fun. Enjoy and live in the moment. You’ll see how much difference it can make to your otherwise customary life.

Company parties play a vital role in an organization. You belong to that organization. Own your place and let the sixteen-year-old girl inside of you feel a little prouder each time you push yourself to be better. Let her enjoy the party wearing a ball gown or whatever. You worked so hard for it. Now show up and have a blast!